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Lost Village Festival 2016 - Wayfaring

Lost Village Festival 2016

Set in a mysterious forest of forgotten hideouts and abandoned ruins is the magical scenery of Lost Village, a festival which tickles your senses and delights in every way.

The location invites its explorers to sense the gentle fear of the unknown in the dark and mysterious woodland, whilst simultaneously promising a thrill at the magic to be discovered there.

Through the mysterious and taunting trees, under hanging skeletons and dream catchers, one is drawn by a thumping beat to abandoned chapels, cabins and cars filled with musical delights.


Music Highlights

The festival’s music provided a weekend of happy, housey beats, which mirrored the upbeat and fun atmosphere. The woodland stages such as the Abandoned Chapel had DJs pumping music all day right through till the early hours of the morning, whilst the Burial Ground main stage hosted a varied mix of chilled day time music and massive night tunes.

A shining act from this year has to be SG Lewis, a young producer whose beats set perfectly with the setting sun of Sunday afternoon, providing a soulful and smooth transition into the energy of Sunday night. Headliner Jack Garratt also gave an amazing performance, the raw energy, talent and passion left the crowd fired up and ready for their final night of fun in the Lost Village.

Burial Ground

Burial Ground

Food Highlights

Despite pouring so much effort into the line-up curation and intricate festival decorations, Lost Village doesn’t scrimp on the food front.  Far from the usual chip vans parked up at most festivals, each food stall at Lost Village had obviously been carefully selected with only the highest standards in mind. The stalls offered a wide variety of foods catering for all wants and needs, and of course you can still get your chip fix, but with mouth-watering twists such as truffle mayonnaise or jerk sauce.

The drink selection is also a nice change from the norm, with small shacks offering a variety of ales normally only found in the finest pubs. The favourite of the weekend appeared to be the Frontier Lager, which was enjoyed throughout the festival and in quaint little beer gardens that offered a moment of respite, and a spot in which to soak up the beautiful surroundings, tranquillity and gorgeously warm weather.

Lost Village Festival

Getting Lost

Whilst the programme is packed with music and performances, stepping away from the line up for half an hour to explore the woods allows for exciting discoveries left abandoned in the forest.

Twig tunnels and discarded furniture are just a few of the many gems left to be discovered, each providing an interactive and immersive sensory experience which allows you to create a narrative for this lost village; to imagine the creatures that have passed through those ritualistic circles, the faces those mirrors have looked into…

These features create a bond with the festival goers, allowing for a deeper connection to the nature, music, art and history of the land.

Lost Village

Lost In Luxury

Although most festivals leave you feeling drained by day two, the wonderful land of Lost Village offers a restorative tonic with no longing for home. The boutique glamping area is comprised of large tepees in a secluded spot, so that you can escape from the noise of the festival and soak up the sun with a fresh peach Iced Tea (or Bloody Mary if you’re trying to knock your hangover.)

Alongside the boutique option of camping, which might not be for everyone, is the steaming hot tubs that overlook the site lake. The hot tubs not only offer a moment of peace to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, but also provide a heavenly opportunity to relax in a refreshing and cleansing tub.

Festival goer Holly Shaw, a student from Cambridge, booked the experience as a birthday treat, knowing that a warm relaxing shower and steaming hot tub can transform the camping experience from a necessity into a luxury. “After a long weekend in a tent brushing off dirt and using dry shampoo, bathing in the hot tub wasn’t the only luxury experience; hot tub bottle service, hot showers with complimentary shampoo, body wash and conditioner, saunas and straighteners. All these experiences in the middle of a festival were a great way to refresh and recharge yourself for the rest of the weekend, like having a perfect nap.”

Overall the festival is a weekend full of excitement and adventure, a paradise for suspicious minds and curious adventurers. It’s a rare festival in that it provides the thrill of top notch music acts, an opportunity to have fun with friends and make new ones, relaxing days away with food and drink under the blue skies and sun, but it offers respites of luxury and comfort so you can enjoy to the fullest all the festival has to offer. These few days are a portal to a mysterious and unusual place, a chance to escape from reality and lose yourself in the Lost Village. This festival will certainly be on my list of go to events next year. The long and mysterious days in the woods are food for the soul.

Lake of Tranquility

Lake of Tranquility