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Dealing with Post Travel Depression (Yes, it's a real thing!) - Wayfaring

Dealing with Post Travel Depression (Yes, it’s a real thing!)

I don’t know about you, but I have a really hard time getting on flights home. I hear “Now boarding flight A307 to Toronto” and I physically can’t walk towards the gate. It’s my last chance to back out, to blow off work and never return to Canada! Eventually, I chicken out and worry about the financial consequences of not getting on the flight. Then I become really bitchy for the 8 hour flight home because I’m so mad that my trip is over. This is the start of Post Travel Depression!


To make your return home after a trip a little less shitty, here are some tips for beating the post travel blues:


Have Something To Look Forward To

California Coast

The weekend after our flight home from Italy I had plans to go to Sensation White in Toronto. Looking forward to a fun night out with my friends, whom I hadn’t seen in weeks, made the first week home a lot more fun!

Come Home To A Clean House

Hipster Coffee

I always clean the house before I leave for a trip because it makes those first days home much easier. I’ll even go as far as changing my bed sheets the day I leave and putting fresh pyjamas folded on my bed for a smooth first night home. Fresh towels and a clean kitchen are important too!

Be Prepared For Work

Apple mouse

Since I like to take advantage of every possible vacation day, I usually fly home the day before I return to work. In order to make that first day of work easier on myself I lay out an outfit for work before I leave for vacation. It only takes a few minutes to do, but it makes a huge difference that first morning back to work.

Stock Your Freezer


There’s no way I’m going to want to cook dinner after my first day back to work, so I keep meals on hand in the freezer. Frozen lasagnes and pizza are my go-to meals for the first few days home.


Be Ready To Un-Pack


I like to leave three empty laundry baskets waiting for me in my room. That way, I can sort my laundry as I unpack and everything goes straight into the laundry room afterwards. I can’t stand doing laundry, so anything to make it easier helps!


View Your Travel Photos

viewing travel photos

I usually upload my pictures onto my computer before I even check my email. Re-living those travel memories inspires me to work hard for my next trip. It also brightens my mood to see all the amazing places I’ve been!


Plan Your Next Trip

vacation planning

This may not be practical for everyone, but as soon as I get home I start thinking about where I want to go next. The best way to get rid of the post travel blues is to get excited for your next trip!