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Wayfaring is a simple, online composer allowing photographers, or travel writers of any size, to publish their stories. We are an outlet for travel writers to share their wonderful adventures, and be paid. 



Tell your story and start earning from Wayfaring today!

We are a community of voices.

We are a hub for Gen Y to read, write, and inspire others to see the World. These articles are the true experiences, thoughts and tips from contributors in our diverse travel community. If you’ve got an interesting story or perspective to share, we want to hear it! Head over here to find out how you can join our family of wayfaring contributors!

We inspire you to live life out in the World.

There are amazing places to be explored all around you. The stories, travel tips, and articles we offer are designed to invite you to get outside and take part in experiences around the globe.

We help you travel.

We offer trusted travel advice to help and inspire the novice traveler in all of us.

We focus on design.

We understand that less is more. That’s why we take care to present Wayfaring in a simple, yet beautiful, way. If you have any ideas about how we can make the site better, we would love to hear from you! Drop us a line at hello@wayfaring.me.



Founded in 2013 by passionate travelers, wayfaring.me is owned and operated by Wayfaring Media, LLC. We are based in San Francisco, CA.