traveling after college
10 Reasons Why You Should Travel After College There is a lot of pressure put on college graduates to get jobs right out of school. Whether it’s coming from family, friends, professors, the media, or yourself, the stress of landing a 9-5 by ...Read More
air travel etiquette
Air Travel Etiquette : The Do’s and Don’ts of Air Travel Summer is upon us and yes we are all very excited to hop on that plane and reach our dream destination. But how many times have we felt like giving an "Etiquette Digest"  to that ann ...Read More
World's 21 Most Spectacular Swimming Pools  Summer is here and I’m sure you’ll want to jump into a swimming pool to celebrate. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most awesome swimming pools on Earth for you. You'll want to add each and ...Read More
Cliffs of Moher at sunset - Ireland
4 Must See Places in Ireland Ireland is chock full of wide open green spaces, charming people and good old Irish cider. If you only have one weekend to immerse yourself in Irish culture, here are the top 4 things not to miss. Start your explorin ...Read More
third culture kid
I Am A Third Culture Kid I am a TCK. I breathe a sigh of relief in airports because I finally feel a sense of belonging--completely comfort and yet a longing for adventure. I believe this is how most people feel when at home. I guess I wouldn't t ...Read More
Japan Temple
Must See Temples in Southern Japan If you managed to survive the 11-hour flight from the Western U.S. to Japan, you deserve a little relaxation. And where better to relax than strolling through ancient temples soaking up that Zen feeling! Every ...Read More
travel gif
Dealing with Post Travel Depression (Yes, it's a real thing!) I don’t know about you, but I have a really hard time getting on flights home. I hear “Now boarding flight A307 to Toronto” and I physically can’t walk towards the gate. It ...Read More
Cheap street food when traveling
6 Tips for Saving Money on Food when Traveling When you are holidaying in some exotic destinations, dining at those chic restaurants can burn a crater-sized hole in your pocket. Most people dread such expenses, and unless you can fast for that ...Read More
Northern Lights
51 Exotic Places to Visit Before Dying Originally found on imgur.com. 1. China : Spiral staircase The spiral staircase in the Taihang Mountains is 91 meters high. // // 2. Portugal : Palace Regaleira An interior view of the ...Read More
costa rica beer
The Costa Rica Beer Guide Looking for a few tall boys to take to that beachfront BBQ? Or maybe something smooth to impress the ladies? Or maybe you just want a crisp clean brew to crack open on your porch while you lay in your hammock and listen to ...Read More